Elite Athletes Agency is the only company to organize Alumni Games between former and current pro players with young prospective student athletes wanting to go to the US.Gives great opportunities for the young athletes to ask questions and to create video highlights of the games to present to the US coaches.


Raphael is an alumni of the Alabama University from 2012 to 2016, a former goalkeeper for the soccer team and then a graduate of IESE with a Master’s degree in Business Administration in 2019. Raphael Ville is one of the first student athletes helped to go to American universities by Elite Athletes agency.

Between soccer, studies and his personal development in the United States, discover his career path!

Raphaël was born with soccer. At a very young age, he became passionate about it and started his career as a goalkeeper in a training center. At Clairefontaine from 2002 to 2005, then at Lyon for 3 years, before playing 2 seasons with the PFC (Paris Football Club).

We are in 2010 when he decides to change course.

Zoom on William James Hervé, NCAA D1 champion in 2018 with Maryland !

From his beginnings at FC Issy les Moulineaux, four years at the Valenciennes FC training center, William James Hervé created his career start between the Paris region and the North. The former attacking midfielder looks back on his crazy year 2018. From the FFFUSA final in March 2018 to his return from injury, the road has been marked by ups and downs. And, most importantly, by winning the D1 NCAA championship, the elite of American college soccer, in early December.

From PSG Academy to Honolulu volcanos in Hawaï, discover Daniel’s story

Daniel is passionate about soccer. As a goalkeeper, he was first trained at the INF Clairefontaine before joining the Paris Saint-Germain academy with the hope of becoming a professional.

He obtained his baccalaureate in 2013, followed by a Bachelor’s degree in Management at the University Paris Dauphine in parallel with his last year at the PSG training center. At the end of this pivotal season, it will not be extended.

Maël et Olivier vous parlent coaching, aujourd’hui coach à Hawaï

De manière générale, le sport tient une place prépondérante dans la vie des américains et est étroitement lié au système scolaire. En effet, contrairement à la France et son système de clubs, les jeunes américains pratiquent leur(s) sport(s) et participent à des compétitions via l’école.

Différents organismes comme la NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) régissent le sport universitaire et permettent aux universités d’offrir des bourses sportives. A noter qu’il n’y a pas de bourses au collège et au lycée.

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