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Fédération Française de Football

Born from former students athletes

College sport is the DNA of Elite Athletes Agency. College is where it all began and where history continues to be made a little more every day. Helping young student athletes win scholarships, compete in NCAA championships and graduate from top American universities.

With a unique partnership in the world with the French Football Federation since 2014, teams that all come from American universities, a quality training incubator with the French Touch Academy: the placement and support of young people in American universities is the heart of the agency’s activity.

The college placement activity is completely decorrelated from the professional sport activity.

Unique Partnership with a Federation

Since 2014, Elite Athletes Agency is the only agency in the World to have a partnership with an International Federation (FFF). When we know that 92% of young people in football academies will not end up as professionals, this alliance has a real objective: to limit the failures of young athletes by offering them a second chance. Their second chance. Thanks to this partnership, the FFF teams and ours were able to meet the American coaches, accompany them and develop their skills.

FFFUSA is considered as the best Soccer agency in the world in terms of the quality of the players sent in the US.”

College Soccer with FFFUSA

Since 2014, the FFF and Elite Athletes have been working together to limit the failures of young athletes from training centers.
With FFFUSA, get a scholarship and discover the university life in the US, in the corridors of colleges and on the fields against the best teams in the country.
750 young people have already been able to live the American dream thanks to FFFUSA.
What about you ?

At Elite Soccer, we share passion and create opportunities.

As former student athletes, we know what college soccer is and that’s why we expect to help and propose the best service and advices to all young athletes who want to start the adventure alongside our people.

College Track and Field

Elite Athletes Track & Field is our athletics department. Born from the merger between USA-Project and Elite Athletes Agency in 2020, the department has become the french reference in coaching, university scholarships, and athletes placement (#athletism) in the United States.

Today, there are more than 70 signed student-athletes and 40 currently in US universities.

Track & field in United States

Martin is a former student athletes from NCAA D1. Over the last years, he developed a huge network in the US. Multiple success stories started alongside him. 

College sport Tennis

In 2019, Antoine Le Doré joins the Elite Athletes team with US tennis placement structure “Usa Connect”. Since then, USA Connect has become Elite Athletes Tennis and has been able to accompany more than 50 students into the university corridors. Recently, Elite Athletes Tennis and the French Touch Academy have joined forces to offer an even better service to young people !

Jerôme MEARY

Dedication at every level.

Tennis is a very popular sport in American universities. Today there are almost 1000 universities that are releasing scholarships to attract young players from all over the world. Hortense and Antoine, both coming from the American university system, will accompany you throughout the process… and beyond. 

© Jonathan Daniels

Academics in the US

Higher education in the USA is a guarantee of excellence. The American degree integrates particularly well in today’s professional world and globalized context. Study conditions are facilitated by a low teacher/student ratio and personalized follow-up.

You only have to look at the world ranking of the best schools by discipline. According to the latest Times Higher Education rankings, North American schools have the highest number of places in the top 10 in the following major fields of study: “Business and Economics”, “Engineering and Technology”, “Humanities and Arts”, “Health”, “Life Sciences”, “Physical Sciences”, “Social Sciences” and “Computer Sciences”.

University sport in the US

In general, sport plays a major role in the lives of Americans and is closely linked to the school system. Indeed, unlike France and its club system, young Americans practice their sport(s) and participate in competitions through school.

Athletes are the pride and joy of their university and represent a showcase for it. Usually the ranking and reputation of a school goes hand in hand with the level of its sports teams.

This is why universities invest in athletes and infrastructure. Sports facilities on university campuses are outstanding and allow athletes to have everything they need on site. Also, universities offer sports support structures similar to those of the best European professional clubs (physiotherapists, physical trainers, cold baths, mental coaches, nutritionists, etc.).

© Laura Blanshard

Criteria to get a scolarship

© Cole Keister

The minimum requirement for higher education in the USA is the “bac” degree. You can go to study in the United States right after your senior year.

It is also possible for you to join an American university after having started a university course in France. All you need to do is transfer your subjects so that you don’t lose time and can continue your training in your specialization.


In general, sport plays a major role in the lives of Americans and is closely linked to the school system. Indeed, unlike France and its club system, young Americans practice their sport(s) and participate in competitions through school.

Different organizations such as the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) govern university sports and allow universities to offer sports scholarships. Note that there are no scholarships in junior high and high school.

© Nguyen Dang

To go to university in the US, you need a minimum TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score depending on the university you choose. This is a 4-hour computer-based test that evaluates your knowledge of English. It consists of 4 sections: Written & Oral Comprehension and Written & Oral Expression. The score required by universities generally varies between 61 and 80.

Also, the minimum score required for the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is required. The SAT is the test required of all university entrants, regardless of nationality. It evaluates the candidates’ knowledge of English and mathematics.

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We are founding member
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We have created the International Alliance in collaboration with a collection of top Elite College Sports european recruiters in order to help the top international prospects in college in the U.S to get drafted in Major League Soccer.

We are specialized for placing the best international players from Europe to the United States in order to draft them in MLS at the end of their education.

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