In 2019 Elite Athletes Agency created our first ever Tennis department called USA Connect. Over the past few years the department has evolved into a global brand. Sending young tennis players to some of the most prestigious and highly athletically ranked universities in the US. Although our name has changed our vision still remains the same to help the young tennis stars of today fulfill their American dream and compete at the NCAA level as well as receiving a university degree !



Today, our mission is to accompany young student athletes in their dual project of joining an American university and continuing to play tennis at a high level.
We are committed to offering a highly personalized support for each profile.

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How does the scholarship system work in the USA?

Scholarships can be athletic scholarships or academic scholarships. Each year, American coaches have a more or less important budget depending on the resources of the university. They are free to allocate this budget as they wish, within the limits of the rules imposed by the NCAA (or the sports federation in question). Depending on the athlete’s level and the interest of the coach, he or she may offer a more or less important sports scholarship.

Academic scholarships can be combined with sports scholarships. These scholarships are conditioned by the academic level and the results of the entrance exams. The academic level is therefore very important, both for admission and for the scholarship.

Partnership with the French Touch

Elite Athletes and the French Touch Academy have partnered to offer a tailored service to all young student athletes.
The French Touch is ideally located in the south of France where young athletes are supported both educationally and athletically.

The customized training offered at the academy combined with the meticulous preparation of each file by Elite Athletes Tennis (from the objective to its realization) allows us to achieve ambitious results for each student.

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