Track and Show: the first 100% university track and field show in the US !

On March 15, the agency’s track and field department organized the first 100% college athletics show in the US presented by Maryse Éwanjé-Épée and Martin Casse!

This show focused on the American university system and highlighted extraordinary careers and successes in sports as well as academics and careers.

The show was presented by Maryse-Éwanjé-Épée, RMC consultant on the Moscato Show, former student-athlete in Arizona and top athlete with a 4th place in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

During the show, several guests were able to contribute to the project: Yanis David, long and triple jump athlete, or Mickael Hanany (height) who spoke about their experience and their prestigious title in NCAA D1 for example..

This project was made possible thanks to the collaboration of ISPRA, an audiovisual school in Ramonville.

“College sports in the U.S. is a subject that is very close to my heart. For me, this experience has changed my life. This show is a tribute to all those athletes who try to make it across the Atlantic and to all those extraordinary journeys” shares Martin.

Watch the show on our Elite Track and Field page: